Pissed Off Dance Rock: Fed up with our superficial, media fed and driven culture and the overall “ignorance is bliss” vibe of folks in their native Long Island, brothers Michael Urge (vocals, guitar, bass, synth) and John Biordi (drums), along with Jon Billian (live synth/guitars) forge a blistering fusion of electronic, dance and attitude heavy hard rock energy as a healthy, constructive outlet for their aggression. With deeper focus and more thematically linked lyrical bluntness than they displayed on their well-received 2007 debut For Full Stimulation, their latest album Front Row Seat To The End Of The World has been featured on MTV, Discovery Network, E! and other media outlets. Though, never described as a 'new wave' band, glamourKings have opened on stage with legendary new wave artists including Berlin, Missing Persons, Dead or Alive, and Men Without Hats.”


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